Small Business

Marketing Roadmap to Success

You may be small but there’s no reason why you can’t take on the competition, and grow your business to its greatest potential. And there’s no reason why successful marketing should be so hard or time consuming.

Let me help you build a smarter, successful and affordable marketing system that creates bigger impact for your small business, so you can grow, profit, and have the freedom to create the life you desire.

I live and breathe small business marketing and know the challenges that come with trying to market a small business. That’s why I developed the Small Business Marketing Roadmap to Success.

It’s time to stop wasting money and resources on marketing strategies and tactics that don’t work as well as you’d expect, or that are a nightmare to maintain long-term.

How the Small Business Marketing Roadmap works

    Marketing audit


    A marketing audit is an integral starting point of the process to determine what parts of your current marketing are truly reaching their goals, what opportunities you should seize, and what changes you should make for bigger results.

    I take an objective, honest, and in-depth look into your digital and offline marketing to determine whether you’re getting a good return on investment.

    Marketing strategy


    For marketing to be truly effective, an integrated approach, backed by solid strategy is essential.

    I’ll work with you to:

    • Clearly define your goals and objectives.
    • Understand your target market.
    • Assess your competitors
    • Amplify your differentiation
    • Develop key messages
    • Identify tactics for growth
    • Map your customer journey
    • Set KPI’s for measurement
    • Implementation plan
    Marketing foundations


    You need to get the foundations right for these essential marketing tactics if you want to transform your marketing and unlock fresh opportunities.

    I’ll work with you to:

    • Create bold branding that appeals to clients
    • Build a website that engages and converts
    • Implement great SEO so Google and your ideal clients find you
    • Develop an integrated content strategy for email, blog, and social media
    • Write amazing copy
    Amplify Marketing


    Now it’s time to amplify all the wins you’ve created through your marketing and make a bigger impact.

    • Lead generation
    • Public relations
    • Marketing funnels and automation
    • Sales enablement – giving employees marketing tools to excel
    • Customer experience
    • Customer relationship management
    • Retention, reactivation and referral